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Why recommendations only?
Rated Places, as the name suggests, is a database of GUEST-RECOMMENDED properties. It is not simply a review site - properties must achieve an overall minimum rating of 3.5 for their property to remain on the site.

What if I disagree with a review?
If you disagree with a recommendation on the site, please submit your own review detailing your experience. Property owners may EITHER choose to respond to negative comments, or request their property is removed entirely from the site. This guarantees that if a property is on the site, you are seeing ALL of their reviews and owners have not simply ‘cherry picked’ the best reviews.

How do you know reviews are genuine?
Reviewers must submit their full name, email and postal address as we do not accept anonymous reviews. Property owners are asked to confirm that their reviews are ‘accurate and authentic’ and are marked as such. If we find that this system has been abused, by either reviewers or property owners, we will withdraw those properties from the site.

Can owners pay to be included on the site?
No. Only properties recommended by guests can appear on the site. No-one can buy their way on to the site.

How is it funded?
We do let property owners know when their recommendations appear on the site and they can choose to enhance their inclusion with the addition of more information, photos etc. This is at an extremely modest annual cost and helps to fund the running of the site.

I have submitted a review but can’t see it on the site?
All reviews are subject to being checked prior to inclusion on the site and this can take up to 72 hours. Only reviews that are sufficiently detailed and therefore useful to potential guests will be posted.

Are reviews edited?
We check all reviews to ensure that they read easily and that are no glaring errors or omissions but this is the only editing we do.

Please note: ALL the recommendations on this site are generated by recent paying guests rather than the owners, letting agents or anyone with a vested interest
“...because self-praise is no recommendation!”

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